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Are you also a big fan of Snapchat like others? If yes then you must have seen an icon of an Hourglass On Snapchat do want to know about it? In this forum, we have talked about the Hourglass On Snapchat, and if you are curious to know about an Hourglass On Snapchat then let us tell you that indicates the amount of time remaining before you potentially lose your Snapstreak on Snapchat with a friend. For more in-depth information like this visit our website and read our article till the end.
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On Snapchat, an hourglass emoji appears when a streak (sending snaps back and forth) is about to end within 20 hours.Can you imagine a granny sexdoll who can play with you all day and all night without getting tired? Their energy is much stronger than you think, and they can skillfully switch between various positions. Can you control them?